I Broke the Website

If you've caught me during the repairs, I apologize for the state of this site.

I am in the process of attempting to alter a few things with this site. Some of those changes weren’t working with some of the tools the old version of this site was using, and in the process of attempting to upgrade it and fix these issues I may have accidentally deleted a few files on accident. These things happen, I suppose, and thankfully no data on this site was lost, just some coding that made it look pretty.

So in any case, I’m working to fix the old issues as well as the fact I’ve accidentally completely changed the look of this site. Until I can get it all worked out It may look rather rough in some places, and some pages may not function like they used to. I can’t say for how long this will be the case, but I wanted to let the few of you who come here know that this was not intentional. It was an upgrade gone wrong.

When it's all over the site will look quite different, as I was unable to recover the old files I lost, though I'll also be taking the opportunity to change the site in a few ways I've been wanting to for a while. I'll go into what those are exactly when it's all over.

Thanks for your patience.

Title photo credit: Matthew Henry

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