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A few months ago a small team began writing and illustrating a magazine with a focus on worldbuilding – for those of you who may not know, worldbuilding is what many call the process of creating fictional spaces, often to tell a story. I have dabbled in worldbuilding a bit on this blog, though the magazine takes this on a whole other level. They released the first issue, titled Getting Started, in April. It discussed the steps one may want to take when beginning a worldbuilding project. This issue also introduced a collaborative project called Postantera and featured work from the community.

During the end of the production on issue 1 I learned of the project and joined the team. A few issues have passed, and with each one our content and communication has gotten better. I am proud of the work we've done. Over the last few issues we have discussed building planets (2), populating a world with flora and fauna (3), and now we have taken a look at building believable histories (4). Feel free to check those out.

Issue 4: History

I wanted to take a moment to highlight issue 4, which just came out today with some brand new content and art. Special thanks to Tristen Fekete, who illustrated this cover. Also in this issue is a glimpse of some of the lore in my upcoming novel The Ember Trade, as well as a first look at some of the locations within that world. In addition, this issue covers everything from creating new histories to discussing specific moments of our own recorded histories to use as inspiration. As for myself, in addition to my article on page 22 I was able to assist in developing the cover, and create some new art for both the article and the magazine as a whole.

One day soon I know we will also have a website where you can browse each issue, but for now we're working off Google Docs and hyperlinks (see above). If you're interested in reading about worldbuilding or creating histories you can click the buttons above to go see all of the issues we have published thus far. If you're interested in getting involved or discussing the magazines feel free to check out our social media pages or the reddit posts on r/worldbuilding where we post each issue.

As for Issue 5, which will touch on mythologies, I expect things to get even better.

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