A Church St. Debut

This is very exciting for me. Church St., for those of you who may not be from the area, is a kind of gathering place, shopping center, dining venue, and performance space. I've always enjoyed walking down the rows of shops and eateries, seeing the street musicians/performers. I've gone nearly every year at least a couple of times, always making a day out of it. This last time I visited Church St., I went about a block down Bank St., which comes off of the plaza. That's where the Burlington Phoenix Books store resides. As you may have guessed from the title, after a brief discussion they agreed to stock a few copies of my novel, A Package of Moods, which have all been signed. If you're in the area, or from that side of the lake, I'd appreciate it if you went there and showed Phoenix Books some love. Check mine out if you'd like, but overall the store is simply fantastic to browse through. 

You can view or download the previews available both on this site and wherever you can buy the book. Click Learn More (below) to view the novel and find a short preview of the first chapter.

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