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I’ve been writing stories since about the age of ten. It began with unfinished fan-fiction novels and has developed into original stories with (hopefully) intriguing settings and characters. During my time working on these projects there has always been a collaborative drive whenever I spoke with another who enjoyed telling a story. I believe it is out of this spirit that Worldbuilding Monthly was born.

On behalf of the Worldbuilding Monthly team, I've partnered with the staff at Mythic Scribes. They've given me a place to share some words about worldbuilding and the free e-'zine that I help produce, for which I am ever grateful. The blog post details some of the magazine's background, how I got involved, and a bit about some things I've learned through creating and reading the 6 issues (as of this writing) we have been producing since April 2017. It was a joy to work with the Black Dragon, and surreal to see my words grace the front page of a site I've been visiting since I was just starting to learn how to write a story. I remember looking through the many blog posts at a young age, trying to soak up everything that they had to teach me.

I look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with him and the Mythic community again - and I hope we get the chance again. As for the immediate future, I will continue to share the magazine with the community there. You can find it on the Notice Board, or simply click the "Worldbuilding Monthly" item in this site's menu to be sent to our new website where every issue has been catalogued.

You can go view the full post, or visit the main page, by clicking the appropriate links below.

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