The State of the Site: March 11, 2018

It's time for another update! This one will be fairly brief, but I wanted to touch base and let everyone know what I've been up to. The most prominent part of this update is the fact I've put up some new artwork on the art portfolio as well as a new short story on the writing page. The story was an experiment in telling a story within a historical setting – the American Civil War – which I haven't done a lot of. It was featured in Volume 1: Issue 7 of Worldbuilding magazine and can also be read in full right here (note: some graphic - gore- content).

What About The Ember Trade?

In the last update, and elsewhere throughout this site, I've been talking a bit about the next book: a fantasy tale called The Ember Trade. It's been a while since we last discussed it, so let me tell you where I'm at with this.

Not much has changed since the last update. I'm still waiting for more feedback from a few who have agreed to look it over, but they've already given me a few things to work on. I haven't been able to start the massive process of editing the current draft, but I have been preparing to do so. There is a document on my computer which I have been forming over the last few months that takes existing information and compiles it in one place, as well as adding new details about the world The Ember Trade takes place in. It's about 35 pages long right now, with loads of footnotes that go into higher detail. It's still under construction, with certain cultures much more fleshed out than others, more work to be done in cementing both magic and technology; but I can tell you that there was a recent breakthrough on the magic front so things are certainly moving along!

When Will it be Ready?

If you're really eager, contact me about being a beta reader. Otherwise, when it's ready. These things take time, and I can't just write all day. It's not possible in so many ways.

Okay, What About that Magazine?

So glad you asked. Worldbuilding Magazine is only getting better. If you're at all interested in writing, worldbuilding, improving your Dungeons & Dragons campaign, or just curious about it all give it a read. We've recently partnered with some other groups as well, which has been a lot of fun to work with some other groups. The next issue should be out during the first week of April – we're getting close to finishing edits on the articles now and will soon start assembling everything. It's looking like it could be one of our best yet.

So Is this Where You Ditch Us for Another 5 Months?

Probably, yeah.

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