The egotistical fool who dedicated this website to themselves.

My name is Adam Bassett. I'm a graphic designer and writer/editor. I've been developing my graphic design skills since college (2012) and my writing since forever ago (probably 2008). I've also had the opportunity to learn some illustration, web design, and sale/marketing tactics.

In 2016 I published my debut novel, A Package of Moods, and continue to work on new projects. The same year I had the fortune to design a few websites as a freelance designer. In 2017 I joined a volunteer group under the name Worldbuilding Magazine, and have enjoyed the pleasure of working with this international team of artists, writers, and editors. Through this group, I've developed many new pieces of artwork and writing, as well as assisted in editing, interviewing, and marketing strategies. Most recently I've been working in advertising sales & marketing solutions.

If you would like to commission new work please contact me via email: