The egotistical fool who dedicated this website to themselves.

During the last year or two of high school I decided I would become an art teacher. It was my dream to become just like one of the art teachers at my school – this dream included playing the banjo while my students worked on their projects, as my teacher did once or twice. So when I set off for college in 2011 this is what I aimed to do.

About a year later I decided that I didn't want to teach.

Since then I have worked to develop my graphic design skills and familiarized myself with web design (HTML, CSS & WordPress), photography (film & digital), and marketing. In what time I remained I read, wrote, and schemed. The result of all this was a pair of bachelor degrees, a job in advertising, a position on the Worldbuilding Monthly team, and a novel which I published in early 2016. 

My, how things change.

I would like to sincerely thank you for paying this snarky little site a visit. It means a lot. If you would like to check out any of my writing or art, feel free to click the appropriate links above in the menu. To keep up to date on things going on in my life feel free to go browse the blog (it contains none of the boring "woke up, had breakfast" sort of posts you find all over your social media logs – I try to only post things of substance – though I suppose that may be somewhat up to you, the reader). It won't be updated regularly, but hey, I'm not a blogger. Nowhere on my business card does it say that, so I'm not going to try to be one. 

Anyway, thanks for visiting. ♥