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A digital magazine about worldbuilding that I help produce.

Website Update: New Writing, Art, and News

The State of the Site: March 11, 2018 It's time for another update! This one will be fairly brief, but […]

Worldbuilding Monthly + Mythic Scribes

Mythic Scribes I’ve been writing stories since about the age of ten. It began with unfinished fan-fiction novels and has […]

Now Available at Bookburgh Books

New at Champlain Centre Bookburgh Books is a locally owned store new to the area, and they've got a great […]

Now Available at Burlington, VT

A Church St. Debut This is very exciting for me. Church St., for those of you who may not be […]

Website Update / New Writing

The State of the Site It's been about a year and a half since was completed for the first […]

Worldbuilding Monthly Magazine

Worldbuilding Monthly A few months ago a small team began writing and illustrating a magazine with a focus on worldbuilding […]

The Ember Trade

A Whole New World I’ve been working on a new novel–not a sequel to A Package of Moods but rather an entirely […]

Take Two

I Fixed the Website Sort of. I realize the site looks quite different than it did a week ago. That is […]

Pardon our Dust

I Broke the Website If you've caught me during the repairs, I apologize for the state of this site. I […]

A Game of Cards

People are complex, fascinating creatures. No matter when a story takes place, be it in the past, modern day, in […]

A Look at Self-Publishing and Finances

The Financial Lens. Eager Penny has some solid financial advice. I was looking through the site after I met the blogger […]

4 Steps to Productivity

Being Productive is Difficult. I’d like to discuss productivity, and how we can achieve that. With college starting back up, […]