My debut novel, released in early 2016.

Stories are not told by one person.

Royce Pharmaceuticals has released six new products: Happy, Affection, Calm, Inspiration, Alert, and Lust-each applicable through a convenient adhesive patch. Shortly after their release, Sara's mother begins to lose her battle against cancer. Her father begins to use Happy and Calm just to make it through the day. A college graduate working at a coffee shop, a young nurse who relies on Alert, a high school boy trying to do better than his parents, a businessman from Royce-everyone has a story to tell, and each is beginning to entwine.

A Package of Moods is my debut novel, and can be purchased online from the retailers listed here as well as from any of the brick-and-mortar stores who choose to sell it. Bookstores where A Package of Moods is available includes: Bookburgh Books, Cornerstone Bookstore and Lake City Books (Plattsburgh, NY), The Bookstore Plus (Lake Placid, NY), Bear Pond Books (Montpelier, VT), and Phoenix Books (Burlington, VT).


Various [lightly edited] stories and thought experiments available in full.


*I hold no responsibility for items here not coming anytime soon.

Amelia Stevens was not buried too far from where Gerod hopped the fence. Her gravestone was freshly set, the letters clean and so far unscarred by wind or snow. Gerod extinguished his flame and let his eyes readjust to the darkness. While they did, he listened for the guards. The wind curled around his ears and snow caught in his hair, but he did not hear anything besides the little gusts. Gerod removed his coat and put his shovel into the soil before the gravestone.

-an excerpt from an early version of The Ember Trade

If things go as planned, the fantasy project I'm working on now will be my second novel. It begins a new story set in the fictional land of Averreach, a colony of the mighty Ceppic Empire, where crime is commonplace and many whisper good tidings to those who were once a member of the destroyed rebel army. In the shadows sorcerers are ambushed, killed for the power their bodies contain. Their embers–magical stones beside their hearts–are harvested, ground to dust, and sold to the highest bidder.

The Ember Trade is still in development, but it is actively being improved with the help of some excellent folks willing to read the rougher in-progress versions. Check back here for more information on it–I'll be sure to share what I can as quickly as I'm able.