Worldbuilding Magazine Flyer

Affinity Designer. 2019. The flyer below was created for Worldbuilding MagazineĀ for the purpose of sharing the group with others. I […]

Myself, February 2019

Affinity Designer. 2019. A self-portrait created solely with vectors. The finished version is immediately below, with work in progress images […]

Winter Travelers

Affinity Designer. 2019. Both graphics below were created for Worldbuilding Magazine, specifically an article on worldbuilding burial practices in the […]

Map Commission: Ibaen

Affinity Designer. 2018. A map of the fictional world “Ibaen” commissioned by Anna Hannon. The goal was to update the […]

Tabletop Dice Icons

Affinity Designer. 2018. Created for Worldbuilding Magazine Volume 2 Issue 5: Cartography & Navigation and potentially future issues as well.

Food Pyramid Graphics

Affinity Designer. 2018. Created to accompany an article about food chains in the wild for Worldbuilding Magazine Volume 2 Issue […]

Sorcery & Steel: World Map

Affinity Designer. 2018. A fictional map for a series of stories I’ve been developing over the last few years. It […]

Fort Elderidge

Affinity Designer. 2018. A fictional map commissioned by Tina Hunter for her novel Blade of Memories.