Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. 2015.

The collection of branding materials on this page were completed as a project during my final semester at university. The goal was to create conceptual re-branding of existing companies while retaining some of the groups' old logos and styles.

B&C Sauce Co.

A small group who posted on Kickstarter, B&C has little to its name. In fact, I have difficulty just locating anything about them now that the Kickstarter campaign is over. That aside, I chose to put their existing logo onto a picnic-themed diamond background, which I thought would both be eye-catching and evoke the rough and spicy image they were trying to project.


Candy House.

At the time I worked on these projects, Candy House had only one product, a home lock that synced with your smartphone. Based on that I created this simple design and the iPhone-inspired logo. The symbol within the iPhone is based on the shape of their smartphone lock.


Pebble is, unlike the previous brand, very easy to locate. Their image was very modern, colorful and clean, which I tried to imitate in my design. I also worked to make the business card and logo look like their smartwatches, hence the portrait orientation and the clock-face logo.

Whidden's Workshop.

Whidden's main schtick is turning old whiskey barrels into gorgeous pens and pencils. They offer other products, but this recycling of old wood was rather interesting to me. I recreated their old logo, which was very pixelated, using vectors to create the new version. Around it is a saw blade, handmade and based upon the design of an old blade. The rest of the business card is rather simple to echo the website for Whidden's Workshop, but it still provides all the necessary information.