Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop. 2015.

Bloodfeud was a massive undertaking for me. I created this website and card game during my last semester at university. Over the course of a few weeks I created 164 unique playing cards (over 250 if you count the scrapped attempts), an 8-page ruleset explaining the game, and a website that contains the cards, ruleset, and a page to purchase the cards. The card art is not my own–I didn't have the time to paint 164+ unique images–though credit is given on every place my own designs were not used. That said, everything else (the card design, icons, HTML/CSS, etc.) is my own.




The card database on the site uses lightbox to enlarge each card and flip through them one-by-one, which in theory would allow a potential customer to see what they were purchasing or help them strategize before playing the game. The rules are also aided with graphics to help teach new players and provide situational examples of many rules.

The game is not printed, nor do I have plans to print it, though if it were the game would be ready to play. Whether or not it is balanced, I cannot say, having not tested the game before. That said, when creating the cards, I used a formula to value each card in an effort to balance effects and values.