Affinity Designer. 2016-2017.

This is a deck of cards from the universe of The Ember Trade, which is at this time a novel in progress I have been developing for a few years now. The game came up through writing a few chapters where background characters were playing a card game in a tavern. Later it became much more developed, with a past that explains some of the world's history between three closely tied nations.

The cards are meant to be very similar to the traditional set of playing cards everyone knows and loves, modified to tell a story about the world that The Ember Trade is set in. It could facilitate strange new games as well as something we know well like 21. There are no rules written on the cards and no limits to how you could use these cards. In addition they have a dice roll indicator, which may not be used for very game, but expands the ways in which a game can be created with these.

You can read a bit more about the cards in this blog post, which also shows an image of what an old version of these cards looked like.

You can find out more aboutThe Ember Trade here. To learn more about how these cards came to be in the world of The Ember Trade you can read my article in issue 4 of Worldbuilding Monthly.